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Welcome to the Reimagining Agile Community where curiosity, collaboration, diversity and continuous improvement are at the heart of everything we do. Come on in, explore, exchange ideas, and help us shape the future of agility!

Our Mission

To remind us about the historical intent of the agile movement (partly so that newcomers might better understand) and to accelerate the future of agility enterprise-wide by solidifying the foundation of agile values and principles.

We aim to hear from organizations that have successfully fostered agility, learning from their experiences to better understand what contributes to its thriving.

Individuals and interactions

Working Software

Customer collaboration

Responding to change

Reimagining Agile Community

We are a Launch Group committed to creating an inclusive space for individuals, organizations, and associations to come together. In this vast and vibrant agile community, we believe that a single document can no longer effectively represent our diversity. Thus, our initiative serves as an evolving platform, embracing agility in a decentralized and self-organizing manner. There is *no intent* by this Launch Group to publish a document or update the Agile Manifesto.

Get Involved

Are you passionate about agility? Join us as we shape the future of our community. Help create a space where you can share your insights, experiences, and knowledge. Let’s learn, grow, and evolve together towards a more agile future.

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