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Thank you for your interest in the Reimagining Agile community. Feel free to contact any of the Launch Group.

If you have specific thoughts and ideas on the web app, contact Jon Kern. He is working with his Adaptavist colleagues at Brew Digital.

Launch Group

“We are but trusted servants, we do not govern”

Jon Kern, Agile Manifesto Co-author, Agile Consultant @ Adaptavist

Heidi Musser, Agile Alliance Board Chair (ret), Board Member & Advisor, CxO

Sanjiv Augustine, CEO, LitheSpeed, Author

Jim Highsmith, Agile Manifesto Co-author, Author

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A place to acknowledge those who might be providing us support for free.

Jon Kern and Brew Digital, part of The Adaptavist Group, have graciously donated time and energy to create this web app.